Alaska priest historian captured stories for future generations

In the fall of 1965, Father Renner began a 15-year career teaching at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He taught mostly German, but also he started the university’s Latin program. Over the years, he traveled extensively across Alaska gathering material for a series of books, including “Alaskana Catholica,” an encyclopedic look at the history of Catholicism in the state.

Anchorage monastery’s mission continues after 2 founding nuns die

“A very diverse yet tightly-knit spiritual family has grown up around the monastery,” explained Therese Syren, a parishioner of Holy Family Cathedral, whose family was instrumental in building the monastery 30 years ago. “Any given day one can find a half-dozen nationalities represented in the congregation at Holy Mass there,” she said. The deaths of the monastery’s two eldest nuns are great losses, but their congregation’s mission is unchanged, explained Father Lilly. “Their work will definitely continue,” he said.

Anchorage teen eager to finally join Catholic Church

Why does a 15-year old Lutheran girl decide to become Catholic? When Anchorage teen Jamie Nagel began to think about joining the Catholic Church, she and her mom talked. Her mom wanted her to at least be confirmed in their family’s faith, and asked her to go through Lutheran confirmation classes, which were held in junior high. “I went to all the classes. Then I sat down and talked to her,” Nagel said.

Anchorage Archbishop Emeritus Hurley marks 45th year as a bishop

Anchorage Archbishop Emeritus Francis Hurley celebrated his 45th anniversary as a bishop on March 19. This came just on the heels of his 88th birthday, Jan. 12. With nearly nine decades behind him, he still begins each day presiding over Mass in his Anchorage home. Those taking part are friends, visitors and his own care-givers in their uniforms, huddled close in the humble, yet richly symbolic chapel.

PHOTOS: Archbishop Emeritus Hurley marks 45 years a bishop

Anchorage Archbishop Emeritus Francis Hurley celebrated his 45th anniversary as a bishop on March 19 with a special luncheon at the Hotel Captain Cook in downtown Anchorage. Attending the gathering were Anchorage Archbishop Roger Schwietz, Archbishop Hurley’s long-time secretary Joann White, two of Archbishop Hurley’s nephews and many of the priests of the Anchorage Archdiocese.

Letters to the Editor

The Catholic Anchor welcomes letters to the editor. The following letters appear in our March issue.

Editorial: Meddle in Alaska’s politics

The March and April issues of the Catholic Anchor are historically our most political, as they come out at the time when the Alaska Legislature debates scores of bills that invariably shape Alaska’s cultural landscape. As Christians, we cannot shrink from politics or view it as the purview of elected officials and political insiders. In a very real sense, we are all lobbyists. When we bring our Catholic social teaching to the public debate we enrich and deepen the discussion and root it in the inherent dignity of every human person as made in the image of God.

Changes to Alaska’s tax credits can boost Catholic schools

A change to Alaska’s education tax credit program could have a big impact on the state’s Catholic schools, according to Alaska Catholic Conference executive director Mary Gore. And private schools are poised to get the word out. The program, in existence since 2011, provided tax savings to qualifying individuals and companies who donated to Alaska’s public schools and universities. Now, those same benefits have been extended to the state’s private schools.

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