What calms the weary heart?

A priest at my parish told about the crucifix that hung in the chapel of the novitiate where he prepared for the priesthood. He was intrigued that the corpus of Christ was nailed, not to a cross, but to the brick wall of the chapel.

Pro-life prayer service to mark 45th year since Roe

On Saturday, Jan. 20, at 2 p.m., the 18th annual Anchorage interdenominational prayer service marking the anniversary of Roe v. Wade takes place at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery on 9th Street and Cordova. Leading pro-life leaders in Alaska will join Anchorage Archbishop Paul Etienne for this gathering.

Archbishop’s January Calendar

Anchorage Archbishop Paul Etienne is scheduled to participate in the following events and liturgies during the month of January.

Psychotherapist to speak on parenting, family communication, depression, suicide

Catholic psychotherapist Roy Petitfils is headed to Alaska in January for a week of public presentations to parents, teens and young adults. His upcoming talks reflect insights from his counseling practice. His focus is namely on helping adults understand, reach and influence teens, and helping teens to understand themselves.

Teens deepen faith in trip to national conference

The Super Bowl has been played at the Georgia Dome and Lucas Oil & NRG Stadiums, and is often talked about as if it is the most important event to take place there. But the National Catholic Youth Conference is the greatest gathering to ever happen in these particular venues.

Archbishop Etienne: Setting a renewed course for the church in Alaska

In recent months, I’ve been prayerfully asking: “What kind of church is God calling us to be today?” I believe that much of the answer lies in the papacy of Pope Francis. As Saint Francis himself was called to “renew my church,” I believe we are being called to a renewal in our time by this pope. I’m all in!

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