Alaskans return tried and tested from World Youth Day

As a new school year begins for teenagers across Alaska, so do tales of new jobs, family vacations and summer adventures. Amidst all the chatter, a small number of students will be recollecting their recent pilgrimage halfway across the world with millions of other young Catholics.

Alaskans urged to help flood victims in Baton Rouge

In an effort to assist those in the Baton Rouge area who are suffering from flooding caused by torrential rain last month, Anchorage Archbishop Roger Schwietz has requested that the following message by Robert Tasman be posted on the Catholic Anchor. Tasman is executive director of Louisiana Catholic Conference. He sent this message to dioceses across the United States, seeking assistance:

We need to do more to keep our kids Catholic

Religious education methods from 50 or 60 years ago simply aren’t working now. Millennials don’t accept church doctrine and authority just because it’s what they’re supposed to do. They need more. They need reasons to believe and causes to believe in. Unfortunately many parishes fail to offer either.

This Alaskan is a grace-filled woman of God

It is easy to question if we are making a difference when we may be looking for “quick fixes” and “big results” and forgetting the value that come from being present with people.

Papal chair now part of Alaska shrine

The former presider’s chair (cathedra) at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral in Anchorage now sits in the church’s narthex as a shrine to Saint Pope John Paul II who once used the chair during his historic 1981 visit to Anchorage.

Help invest in the future of our young people

Charlie Elder House is a residential home for homeless, teenage boys. In the home boys learn to live independently, achieve academic success, maintain positive relationships and contribute to the community.

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