Alaskans already planning for 2019 World Youth Day in Panama

Although World Youth Day in Panama isn’t until the summer of 2019, Alaskan youth and young adults are already making preparations for the long journey. While there has always been an Alaskan contingency at past World Youth Days, this time, one group is making a stop along the way for a mission trip in Costa Rica.

Parish has 52-year tradition to serve food & hold Mass at Alaska fair

It’s been 52 years and counting that St. Michael Church in Palmer has operated its Slippery Gulch eatery at the Alaska State Fair (Aug. 24 to Sept 4). The blue metal building with white trim is located on the Green Trail, near the midway and the Rate Race booth, Slippery Gulch is run entirely by parish volunteers to raise money for the church and its outreaches.

Don’t let anger overcome prayer

The other night, in my dream my husband and I were standing in front of our garage door at our old house in Anchorage. As we pulled the door down, we discovered crude swastikas had been scrawled on the door’s panels with black paint. We looked at each other in horror, and that’s when I awakened.

‘Why did this happen to us?’

We seldom sense the presence of the sacred in moments of terror, natural or man-made. Nature itself, of course, follows the patterns instilled in the universe by God from the moment of first creation. Of course, we humans sometimes find ourselves crosswise with nature’s powers, but God obviously means no evil intent; nature does what nature was created to do.

Saved from the streets, Anchorage man shows mercy to homeless

After a contented life in Southern California, Alan Rice began to drift — both away from God and through the Western part of the country. He finally hit the road to Alaska six years ago. He describes the consequences of sin and poor decision-making as a descent into dishonesty and self-absorption that eventually landed him on the streets of Anchorage and at the doorstep of the Brother Francis Shelter in the winter of 2012.

EDITORIAL: New Evangelization must get personal

Our closest friends have seen our virtues and our warts, our acts of kindness and our petty pride. Hang out with someone long enough and you notice the fruits of their life. In these cases, it is not enough to think of evangelization as reacquainting a once Christian culture with the long-forgotten Gospel.

Catholic Anchor wins nine honors at international media conference

The Catholic Anchor was recognized nine times for excellence in journalism at the national competition sponsored by the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. The contest winners, for works published in 2016, were announced in June at the Catholic Media Convention in Quebec City, Canada.

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