Alaskan artist inspired by Catholic faith, Native heritage

The oldest of eight children, a birth injury left Anne Leuenberger with a learning disability that prevented her from mastering reading and writing. Creating art that reflects her Alaska Native heritage served as a distraction from her struggles and a form of prayer.

Jan. 21 Anchorage pro-life service to mark 44 years since Roe v. Wade

The Knights of Columbus in Anchorage will hold its 17th annual interdenominational prayer service in remembrance of aborted babies and all harmed by legal abortion. The prayer service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Anchorage Memorial Park Cemetery on 9th Street and Cordova.

UPDATE: Mass for Catholic schools on Jan. 30

Archbishop Paul Etienne will celebrate the annual Catholic school Mass on Jan. 30 at 10:30 a.m. at Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral in Anchorage. The archdiocese is home to four Catholic schools: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Holy Rosary Academy, Lumen Christi, and Our Lady of the Valley. The Mass is an opportunity to pray for the continued growth of Catholic education in Alaska.

‘The Old Man and the Kid’

Upon stepping down as archbishop of Anchorage on Nov. 9, Archbishop Roger Schwietz assumed full-time parish work at St. Andrew’s. His partner in ministry is Father Arthur Roraff, a man he ordained to the priesthood less than two years ago.

Cathedral receptionist keeps an eye on Anchorage’s downtrodden

Terri Perez greets the doorway to her office most mornings by waking up huddled figures up and urging them along. She’s been hailed by the street widows, as she calls them, to intervene with suspected drug overdoses, and she has interrupted crude sexual encounters just by trying to cross the parking lot. Perez sat down with the Catholic Anchor to demystify life on the fringes of downtown.

Paratrooper priest inspires and guides Alaskan soldiers

“Not all my brother priests have the desire to jump out of airplanes in minus eight-degree weather,” he said. “They don’t even want to think about doing that. The fact that I’m at all attracted to it, you know, I got to go here, I’ve got to do it, because if not, I’m kind of holding out,” he explained.

Catholic cop draws on Divine backup in Anchorage streets

The most severe crimes demand drawing from within himself to treat hardened criminals with the same respect as any other citizen. That’s where his Catholic faith provides perspective. “Were it not for my faith,” Bowe said, “this would be a pretty bad job.”

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