Why are we members of the Body of Christ — the church?

Particularly concerning were parishioners who were leaving not only our parish, but were leaving the Catholic faith. On the occasion that I had the opportunity to speak with people who were making this transition, I heard things like: “I’m not being fed here.” or “I’m not getting anything out of the Mass.” Such comments tend to betray a skewed perspective on why we are members of the church and why we attend Mass in the first place.

Archbishop to share how Saint Catherine of Siena inspires his faith

Saint Catherine of Siena is the renowned 14th-century woman who played an eminent role in the history of the Catholic Church and in the life of Anchorage Archbishop Paul Etienne. On Dec. 12 Archbishop Etienne will share his own experience of how Saint Catherine influences his life and why she is still relevant and inspiring for people of the 21st century.

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