Articles by Anna Schulten

Archbishop Emeritus Roger Schwietz blesses the new ultrasound machine donated to Anchorage’s Community Pregnancy Center

Archbishop Emeritus Roger Schwietz and representatives from the Knights of Columbus gathered at Commuinity Pregnancy Center (CPC) in Anchorage to bless the new ultrasound machine on Friday, January 24. Knights of Columbus councils in the Anchorage area raised money last fall to purchase a new ultrasound machine for the CPC. The machine has been in…

Discipleship is like a gym membership A gym membership and exercise should go hand-in-hand and the same should go for as discipleship and stewardship. The connection between a gym membership and exercise is easy enough to understand. Being a “card-carrying member” of a gym is a good start, but it’s very different from being an actual frequenter of the gym….

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