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Installation of new Anchorage Archbishop involves all the faithful

A bishop’s installation is a time-honored tradition in the Catholic Church, and a vivid reminder about one of the faith’s central teachings — apostolic succession — which traces today’s bishops from an unbroken line down to the Twelve Apostles who were commissioned by Christ. With that tenet of the faith in mind, the Anchorage Archdiocese is busy preparing for its new archbishop. It is an occasion area Catholics are encouraged to help celebrate.

Big-hearted Alaskan handyman embraces role as father figure & mentor

Terry Tutor is ready, come what may. Yes, he’s getting along in years, but the seasoned facilities maintenance manager at Lumen Christi High School in Anchorage continues to pour time and energy into the school, both the brick and mortar as well as with the up-and-coming generation. Now in his 70s, Tudor leans on an unshakable Catholic faith as he balances a professional and personal life that might overwhelm a lesser man.

Alaska teacher inspires the ‘little people’ at Catholic school

“Being able to connect faith with academics makes the whole circle complete,” she added. “The kids are very aware of who Jesus is and what choices Jesus wants for us in life. I don’t ever have to worry about offending anyone if we talk about Jesus. That’s why I teach here…I honestly don’t know if I could work again in an environment where faith wasn’t included.”

Wives partner with their deacon husbands

Fifty years ago, Church Fathers at the Second Vatican Council restored the ancient office of the permanent diaconate and allowed married men to be ordained as permanent deacons in the Catholic Church. All these years later, deacons are now an integral part of modern parish life, serving as lifelines for many busy priests who sometimes struggle to meet the diverse needs of their parishes. Deacons can be married or single. Most — 98 percent — have spouses. These wives play a special and critical role in this rapidly growing ministry.

Outgoing principal sees morality, character formation as strength of Catholic schooling

Joy is a word Bailey uses frequently to describe the highlights of his time at the school. Of the things he is most proud of, the spirit of love and inclusiveness among the students is one of them. Normally soft-spoken, Bailey’s voice lowered a bit more when he describes how two students with muscular dystrophy have found nothing but support and acceptance at the school.

Outreach gives engaged Alaskans a dose of reality

It’s no secret that stable, lifelong marriages are under intense pressure across much of the modern world. Viewed by many as a growing global crisis, the problem has long been on the Catholic Church’s radar and was a central concern during the recent Vatican Synod on the Family held late last year in Rome. But it is also seen as a pressing challenge in Alaska where volunteers for the local affiliate of the international Catholic Engaged Encounter ministry have labored for decades to ensure that couples go into marriage with eyes wide open.

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