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‘Marriage doesn’t have to hurt’

Greetings to all of the messed up and constantly arguing couples out there. You know who you are. We’re not talking to you guys who are constantly posting Instagram photos of your perfect marriage — of all the flowers he gets you every Friday and those declarations of love you share on your timelines, and the cute wacky photos you like to take jumping in the air holding hands — yes, you’re adorable but you can’t sit with us.

Alaska bishops condemn decision to end DACA program

“We, the Catholic bishops of Alaska, remain united in heart and mind with our brother bishops across this nation in condemning the Administration’s decision to suspend DACA,” the Alaska bishop said in a Sept. 4 statement signed by Anchorage Archbishop Paul Etienne, Fairbanks Bishop Chad Zielinski, Bishop-elect of Juneau Andrew Bellisario and Anchorage Archbishop Emeritus Roger Schwietz.

Choosing the wrong path

What started out to be a nice 4.5-mile hike out into the Alaskan wilderness this month turned out to be a seven-mile nightmare. I had a GPS flag on my Garmin Pilot App of Mariano’s cabin. Within the first half hour I lost the path for eight hours and started to panic. I almost drowned in a sinkhole.

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