Articles by Tiffany Borges

Saved from the streets, Anchorage man shows mercy to homeless

After a contented life in Southern California, Alan Rice began to drift — both away from God and through the Western part of the country. He finally hit the road to Alaska six years ago. He describes the consequences of sin and poor decision-making as a descent into dishonesty and self-absorption that eventually landed him on the streets of Anchorage and at the doorstep of the Brother Francis Shelter in the winter of 2012.

Cathedral receptionist keeps an eye on Anchorage’s downtrodden

Terri Perez greets the doorway to her office most mornings by waking up huddled figures up and urging them along. She’s been hailed by the street widows, as she calls them, to intervene with suspected drug overdoses, and she has interrupted crude sexual encounters just by trying to cross the parking lot. Perez sat down with the Catholic Anchor to demystify life on the fringes of downtown.

Special Olympics a source of pride, friendship for Alaskan athlete

Chris Vance is a towering Athabascan Native, devout Catholic and an honored Alaskan athlete. Joining Special Olympics at age eight, he has competed athletically for most of the organization’s modern history. Now 42, Vance was honored this summer by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame for his role in helping to bring the 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games to Anchorage.

National Council of Catholic Women launch Alaska chapter

The group exists to give Catholic women of the country a common voice and an instrument for unified action in matters affecting Catholic or national welfare; to ensure proper recognition of Catholic principles in national committees and national movements affecting the religious, moral and material well-being of the country. The group aims to support the work of existing Catholic women’s organizations in meeting the needs of modern culture.

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