Lumen Christi and Holy Rosary Academy senior profiles

A total of fifteen students graduated from Lumen Christi High School and Holy Rosary Academy this spring. Congratulations to our graduates! We wish you the very best in your endeavors.

Senior Profiles: Lumen Christi High School

Sophia Dupras grew up in Kodiak and moved to Anchorage in 6th grade. Sophia started 7th grade at Lumen Christi and has been here ever since. During her 6 years at Lumen Christi, Sophia has played soccer, basketball, and volleyball, run cross country, and been active in our NHS and Big A/Little A programs. In her spare time Sophia loves reading classic literature and spending time with her family. Sophia was admitted with early acceptance to The College of William and Mary in Virginia. She is still narrowing down her course of study, but whatever her choice, Sophia will make a true impact on our world. Sophia has brought great joy to Lumen Christi School.

Mollie McCamy was born in Ketchikan and has been at Lumen Christi Catholic School since her 7th grade year. Mollie has been competing in Irish dance since 4th grade, played the clarinet, was a mentor for Big A/Little A, is a member of Yearbook Committee, and is currently on the Student Leadership Council. Mollie teaches dance for young children at Irish Dance Academy of Alaska and loves it. In her free time, she enjoys working on dance choreography, talking to other people, watching anime, and watching Law & Order Special Victims Unit. Mollie is passionate in the call to help children and adolescents who are struggling with the effects of substance abuse. She plans to work with families to break the cycles of addiction and abuse. She has not chosen her college yet, but plans to major in psychology. Mollie has made a great impact on Lumen Christi High School and her enthusiasm, drive and love of others will bring new life to others as she goes out into the world.

Mikayla Terry was born in Paraguay and moved to Alaska at a young age. She has gone to Lumen Christi since 7th grade and really enjoys the family environment. During her time here, Mikayla has been involved in Student Government, Student Leadership Team, National Honor Society and the Big A/ Little A program. Mikayla has not yet chosen which university to attend, but plans to study engineering. We wish Mikayla many blessings in her future!

Juan Ramirez grew up in the city of Cumana, Venezuela and joined the Lumen Christi community when he was sixteen years old. He explains that his favorite part about Lumen is its family atmosphere. Juan says that he appreciates that, “because it’s a small school, everyone is pushed to get to know one another,” and describes Lumen as “unitive, bonding, and personal.” While here at Lumen, Juan has run cross country, track and played on our soccer team. Next year he is planning to attend the University of Wyoming to study computer science. We are excited to see Juan’s future successes.

Karin Helgesen was born in Stika and moved to Anchorage to attend St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in 3rd grade. She has attended Lumen for six years and loves the close-knit community and small class sizes Lumen offers. Throughout her six years at Lumen, Karin has been involved in drama, student government, Big A/Little A, National Honor Society, Student Ministry Team and choir. She enjoys drama the most because it helps her to express herself in front of others. In her free time, she enjoys playing her guitar. Karin is registered to attend Lewis-Clark State College in the fall with hopes to travel abroad in the future.

Nathan James Goodwin grew up in Anchorage and attended Bayshore Elementary School from kindergarten to 6th grade. During this time, he was part of the South Anchorage Jaguars football team as a left tackle for 3 years before enrolling at Lumen Christi High School in 7th grade. Nathan has been involved in every aspect of Lumen Christi school. He has been an active member of Student Government, Student Leadership Board, both the soccer and basketball teams, participated in archery, game club, art classes and played the cornet for the school band. Nathan enjoys working on his car in his free time, as well as playing video games with his friends. He finds joy in flying planes, both real and remote-controlled. Nathan plans to become a licensed pilot with the Alaska Air National Guard, as he seeks to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at UAA. We wish many blessings and much success for Nathan in the years to come!

Mai Do Pham grew up in Vietnam, where she lived until August of 2018, when she moved to Anchorage, Alaska to finish her junior and senior years at Lumen Christi Catholic School. In her free time, Mai enjoys watching TV shows such as K-drama, and analyzing the plots and the psychology behind the characters’ actions. She also enjoys designing, and is a very talented artist. One of her favorite pastimes is to spend time with her friends. And, like most seniors in high school, Mai tries to catch up on sleep when she gets a free minute. Throughout her years at Lumen, Mai has played on both the volleyball and basketball teams. Her favorite experience with the volleyball team was the team trip to Cordova in 2018. Mai’s plans for the future are to major in graphic design and to help her younger brother to study abroad. Mai is still narrowing down her top choices for which school she plans to attend, but whatever her choice, she will excel!

Sotineat Song is from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She joined Lumen Christi her senior year and has enjoyed being active in several activities. She was a member of the volleyball team, the school liturgical choir, and took part in Art Intensive. In her free time, Neat, as she is called, likes to watch movies, look at artwork on social media and online platforms, visit museums, connect with her family and friends, and go hiking when able. She also enjoys eating and sleeping. Neat is an amazing artist and plans to hone her skills at the San Francisco School of Arts and Design. In the future, she plans to work in the art and design industry and find inspiration by traveling to experience different parts of the world. Neat is a wonderful addition to our senior class and school and we wish her many blessings for her future!

John Michael Cuyartuq Moses grew up in Anchorage, Alaska and has been at Lumen Christi since his 7th grade year. During the 6 years he has been at Lumen Christi, John has become a well-rounded student. He has played soccer, basketball, competed in archery, been a part of student government, performed in plays with the drama club, competed on the debate team, and played with Jazz Club, but he enjoyed Lumen Game Club the most. His academic experiences were diverse also: in addition to his Lumen classes, he attended dual enrollment general classes at Mat-Su and UAF online. During his free time, John loves playing video games, board games and watching anime. He plans to attend South Dakota School of Mines where he will study biomedical engineering. John has brought us great humor and his own unique wisdom, and we wish many blessings as he moves on.

Kaiya Thorsness was born in Anchorage Alaska to her biological parents in July 2002. When she was three, Kaiya was welcomed by her new parents and two older sisters! Kaiya began Lumen Christi here in her 7th grade year. Kaiya has been very active in Lumen activities through her years. She has played basketball, soccer, and volleyball as well as serving on Student Government, and our Yearbook team. Kaiya loves to spend time with her sisters and she enjoys painting, exploring nature, hiking and snow machining. She plans to attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks to study Yup’ik languages. She also looks forward to flight school, as a dream of hers is to fly around the skies of Alaska.

Senior Profiles: Holy Rosary Academy

Macklen Ignatius Bell attended HRA since kindergarten. With a math SAT of 800, he’s received scholarship offers to Gonzaga, University of Portland, Seattle University and University of Dallas. In pursit of an engineering / computer science degree, Macklen is leaning towards University of Dallas, but he’s also considering those programs at UAA. “As a senior, it makes me a little sad that we won’t be able to have a full graduation or prom,” said Bell. “One really unique difficulty is switching to online classes with everyone, which took a bit of time to get used to. Our community, however, has been super blessed by having great teachers that try to make the transition as easy on us as possible. It is also such a blessing that such a difficulty happens in the current times because it allows everyone to stay together and socialize despite being physically separate.”

Moira Claire McMorrow attended Holy Rosary Academy for all of her high school years and considers herself blessed by the wonderful education she received there. She appreciates the way her faith was nurtured at the school by the teachers’ examples, a schedule punctuated by prayer, annual retreats, and festivals celebrating saints. After graduation, Moira will join a Catholic lay group, Family Missions Company. She will serve the poor as a missionary disciple for eight months, while being open to the possibility of a call to foreign missions the following year.

Elena Nicole Biegel has attended HRA since 5th grade. “I am planning on taking a gap year before going to either Thomas Aquinas College, Grand Canyon University for nursing, or a school for direct entry midwifery,” said Biegel. “COVID-19 has made my schedule irregular and it is very difficult to plan anything. With the quarantine, my family has been able to be together more than we normally would, which has been very good for all of us.”

Grace Marie Woyte joined the HRA community in the 6th grade and is so grateful for the lifelong friends in faith she’s made there. She will spend the summer working as a lifeguard and enter Ave Maria University in the fall. She is disappointed she’ll miss out on many senior experiences but says, “We’re blessed to have such amazing teachers who seek to supplant those experiences with a strong education.”

Catherine Grace Droege (Cate) will spend her summer working in Alaska’s tourism industry with a long-term goal of entering UAA’s Nursing program.

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